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About Us

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Charlton Slaughter
Founder | Graphic Director | Web Developer

Who knew that drawing x-men comics on the walls as a child would lead to a career in art and design! Growing up in a talented family of artists and musicians, Charlton quickly became an avid lover of music and the arts. After completing Hampton University, Charlton gained a myriad of experience working with agencies both small and large from Atlanta to India.

Charlton’s passion for art and design has been instrumental in pursuing new goals, after trips to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Charlton was inspired by the international art scene and decided to gain a further understanding of the arts by completing his Master’s degree at Savannah College of Art and Design.

As an integrated marketing consultant and creative director, Charlton is dedicated to seeing his clients succeed. As a creative partner, Charlton provides end-to-end creative services from business and marketing planning, to comprehensive and integrated creative solutions. Charlton’s philosophy is to approach all opportunities from a holistic, integrated perspective and pursue big ideas with a point-of-relevance mindset.

Your Only Limitation Is Your Imagination.



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